New squad cards, more rewards and easier raiding!

In our latest updates we've streamlined RAID HQ to maximise your raiding and make it as enjoyable as possible. Here's the lowdown...


New Squad Cards

  • We wanted to keep adding awesome new Squad Cards to the game, but we were getting so many cards that is was becoming impossible to manage and upgrade a full deck. To solve this we have reduced the number of squad cards by having just one color version of each card rather than five. Don't worry, if you had cards that were removed those cards were not just deleted from your deck. They were automatically converted to the remaining color of each card and added to your profile.


Changes To Card Upgrading

  • We firmly believe that collecting squad cards should always be fun, but after playing a while there wasn't much motivation for players to keep collecting cards and it really stopped feeling as much fun as we wanted it to be. To ensure that collecting cards always remains fun no matter how long you've played we've changed card upgrading so that you now level up cards by collecting more of them, not by using medals. To ensure you still have a use for your medals we changed all promotion costs from gold to medals - after all you have plenty of other things to spend gold on!


Speeding Up Raiding

  • No-one likes to be held up unnecessarily, and we felt that the number of screens between RAIDS was really slowing the pace of the game down. To solve this we have removed several screens to ensure that there are as few hold-ups as possible between RAIDS. The biggest change is moving the squad builder to where it belongs on the squad screen, so that you can now promote your cards and build your team in the same place. As part of this optimisation there is now just a single squad deck instead of four. This not only makes squad building simpler but removes the need to pick a squad on the way into a raid which really speeds things up!


New PvP Carrier Location

  • The PvP Carrier is now also conveniently located just off the coast of your HQ, as well as on the main map screen. The extra placement of the PvP Carrier means faster entry to PvP for everybody that you can now access directly from your Home screen.


The Harbor

  • We believe PvP is a really important part of RAID HQ and to encourage everyone to do at least a few raids every day we wanted to make the PvP card rewards really good! We had to be careful how this was done as it could unbalance the game since there is no limit to how many times you can play PvP and we didn't want to add a dreaded stamina mechanic or stop you playing. To solve this dilemma we added a new feature - the Harbor. Now every time you win a battle in PvP your rewards are added to a Transporter which docks at your Harbor. Each Transporter takes a couple of hours to unload their rewards, and you can have up to 4 transporters at any time. This prevents too many cards being awarded and the game becoming unbalanced, which in turn has allowed us to reward 5 times as many card rewards for a PvP win, plus they can also be any rarity - including legendary! Even if all your transporters are full, PvP battles will reward you with Trophies and Medals so there is always a good reason to raid other players bases!



  • We wanted to make attacking the different types of building feel more unique. To this end we have reviewed existing enemies and turrets, as well as add several new enemy types - from attack drones to beam enemies and even missile barrages. These new opponents have been added to various buildings and have also replaced the old HQ donation enemies as they're more challenging to defeat and feel more worthwhile donating. These new enemies have required some game rebalancing, and we will continue to monitor and modify the game difficulty over the coming days and weeks to ensure there are no difficulty spikes and that RAID HQ remains as much fun to play as possible.


Language Support

  • RAID HQ now supports these languages - English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese. To change your language, from your Home screen at the top left of the screen tap the Cog Icon > Settings Tab > Language, once you've selected the language you'd like to use return to your Home screen to confirm the change.


Some of the above features will be available immediately upon updating to the latest version of RAID HQ. However, once the update has been released there will then be a Data Update to activate the remaining features. If you notice a feature is missing, don't worry it doesn't mean there has been a issue with your update, it simply means that that particular feature will become active after the Data Update.