How do I build Defences and other Buildings?

Your HQ is defenceless! Lets build a Turret before you get Raided!

  • From your ‘HOME’ screen, Tap on the ‘Build’ button, this will bring up the build menu which displays all of the Resource, Defence, Support and Luxury buildings that you currently have available to build.

  • Here your shown the build time and resource cost of the Level 1 Flame Thrower, 100 Gold and 3m (3 Minutes). Tap on the Flame Thrower to Place it on your Island.

  • The red hexes show the attack radius of the Flame Thrower, any building within this radius will gain protection from the Flame Thrower.
  • If you're happy with where the Flame Thrower is positioned tap the green ‘Tick’ to begin its construction.
  • To place the Flame Thrower anywhere else on your Island, Tap + Hold + Drag it to where you think it'll do the most damage and protect the most buildings, then tap the green ‘Tick’ button to begin its construction.

  • If you Tap on the Flame Thrower while it's being constructed, this will bring up the construction options for the Flame Thrower, here you can reduce the build time by tapping on the ‘Movie’ button, or you can tap on the ‘Gems’ button to use some of your gems to finish construction instantly. Here though, the Gems cost to finish construction is Free.

Congratulations, you've now built your first defence building. That shiny new Flame Thrower should help to protect your HQ!