How do I Promote my Squad Members?

Promoting Squad Members not only increases their DPS (Damage Per Second), but also increases their maximum Health. The higher you promote a Squad Member the tougher they'll become, until they're almost unstoppable!

To Promote a Squad Member

  • Tap the ‘SQUAD’ button, this will take you to your squad screen, you'll find all the squad members you've collected so far here.

  • Whenever a Squad Member is ready to be promoted the blue bar under their icon will turn green, this is to let you know that you've now collected enough Squad Cards and Medals to promote this Squad Member.

  • Tap on the Squad Member to be taken to their stats & promotion screen.
  • When you have enough Medals and Squad Cards the blue ‘PROMOTE’ button will become available showing the amount of Medals needed (500 Yellow Medals). The Squad Card icon also shows the amount of Squad Cards you'll need for this promotion (2 Squad Cards).

  • Tap the ‘PROMOTE’ button to bring up the promotion menu. Here you'll choose how you're going to promote your Squad Member, you can use either Medals & Time, or if you'd like to instantly promote your Squad Member you can use Gems.


  • The final screen shows how much the stats of the Squad Member have increased, and the rank they now are.

  • Now you’re only choice is whether to stop there, or promote your Squad Member further!