What is Test Fire and how do I use it?

Each Squad Member uses a different type of main weapon, some weapons are focused and deadly, while others use a wider attack radius and are best suited for when you're seriously outnumbered.

To see which style of weapon each of your Squad Members uses, you can Test Fire their main weapon at any time from the Squad Menu.

To use the Test Fire feature follow these steps:

  • From your ‘HOME’ screen Tap on the ‘SQUAD’ button.

  • Select the Squad Member that you'd like to Test Fire their main weapon with by tapping on the Squad Member.

  • The next screen displays all of Cyanide’s stats. You’ll also notice that just below Cyanide there's a ‘Tap to Test Fire’ button, simply tap here to be shown Cyanide’s firing style.

  • The final screen shows the characters’ main weapon in all of its destructive glory. This way you can choose the best squad members for each attack knowing beforehand how their weapons will handle.