Where is the Settings Menu and what Settings can I change?

The ‘Settings’ menu allows you to change the games Language, turn the Music or Sound Effects On or Off, edit your Chat Mutes, edit your Notifications setting and turn in-game Hints On or Off.

  • You can access the ‘Settings’ menu from your ‘Home’ screen by tapping on the ‘Profile’ button, which is located to the right of XP the bar.

  • Then tap on the Setting tab at the top of the screen.

  • You should now be at the Settings menu where you can change any of the settings, including Language, Music or Sound Effects On or Off, Edit Chat Mutes, Edit Notifications and in-game Hints On or Off.

  • Chat Mutes will let you un-mute any players that you've previously muted via Chat.
  • Notifications allows you to choose which types of notification you'll receive, the choices are Building Complete, Promotions Complete, Battle Alerts, Research Complete and Reward Reminders.