How to avoid Store Unavailable when entering Gem Store

Some players have reported receiving a Store Unavailable message when accessing the Gem Store, this prevents the player from claiming their FREE Gem pack or purchasing Gem packs. Here are some tips for if you experience this issue:

1. Please ensure that you have iOS purchasing restrictions disabled for RAID HQ. Even if you are not intending to purchase any Gem packs, having this restriction enabled can prevent entry into the Gem Store. To do this, at the iOS springboard tap Settings > General > RestrictionsYou can learn more about iOS in-app purchase restrictions via Apple Support HERE

2. We advise that you are always signed into the App Store before starting RAID HQ. To do this:

  • Shutdown/Terminate the game
  • On the iOS springboard tap the "Settings" icon
  • Tap "iTunes & App Store"
  • Sign in with your Apple ID here
  • Restart the game

3. We also advise that you don't play on jail-broken devices, use hack/cheat apps, or a modified version of the game as this has been known to cause issues with purchasing and also with accessing the App Store.

4. If you encounter store problems you should try to access the store again after 30 minutes or so, as occasionally the store can become temporarily unavailable.