How to RAID Islands from the Map Screen

The quickest way to bag those extra resources you're going to need to promote your Squad Members and upgrade your Defences, is to RAID Islands from the ‘MAP’ screen.

  • To do this, from your ‘HOME’ screen just tap on the ‘MAP’ button.

  • This'll take you to the ‘MAP’ screen, from here you’ll see all the Islands that you've currently unlocked that are ready to be RAIDED for extra resources. Here we're raiding ‘Treasure Island’.

  • Tap on the Island to see what resources you can RAID from it. Some Islands are free to RAID, while others will have an entry requirement. Tap the ‘ATTACK FREE’ button to head to the island and choose your LZ.

  • Now you're at the Island it's time for a little recon before you begin your RAID. Here you can tap on each of the Islands defences before raiding, this'll help you plan your attack and choose the best Squad Member for each stage of your attack.
  • When you’re ready to RAID, choose your LZ and tap the ‘ATTACK’ button.