How do I build Resource Collectors?

As well as RAIDING loot from other Islands you can also build Resource Collectors that will stockpile Gold, Elixir & Oil for you all day, everyday!

  • From your ‘HOME’ screen tap on the ‘BUILD’ button.

  • If you’re not already at the ‘RESOURCE’ section, tap on the ‘RESOURCE’ button.

  • In this tutorial we’re building a ‘Gold Mine’ so Tap on the ‘Gold Mine’ icon.

  • Now you’ll need to decide where on your base you want to place your new Gold Mine, Tap + Hold + Drag the Gold Mine to where you'd like it placed. When you’re happy with its position tap the green ‘Tick’ button and construction will begin.

  • Tapping on the Gold Mine while it's being constructed will bring up the construction options, here you can reduce the build time by tapping on the ‘Movie’ button, or you can tap on the ‘Gems’ button to use some of your gems to finish construction instantly.
  • Some buildings, like this one, will allow you to complete construction instantly for free.

  • Tap the green ‘Free’ button to finish construction of the Gold Mine instantly.