How do I build Gold & Elixir Storage?

With your Resource Collectors stockpiling loot, and all the RAIDING you'll be doing, you're going to need somewhere to store all the loot you'll be bringing back from your RAIDS! 

Let's build your first Gold Storage facility:

  • From your ‘HOME’ screen tap on the ‘BUILD’ button.

  • Select the Gold Storage by Tapping Resources > Gold Storage.


  • Choose where you’d like to place the Gold Storage and tap the green ‘Tick’ button to begin construction.

  • Tapping on the Gold Storage while it's being constructed will bring up the construction options, like the Flame Thrower and Gold Mine in the previous guides, here you'll have the option to reduce the build time by tapping the ‘Movie’ button, or finish construction instantly by tapping the ‘Gems’ button.