What are LZs and how do I change LZ when attacking?

LZ is short for Landing Zone and most Islands will have more than one LZ. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to change LZ, and why you'll want to.

To change LZ during a RAID, follow these steps:

  1. From your ‘HOME’ screen tap on the ‘MAP’ button.

  • Next choose an Island to attack, in this tutorial we’re going to RAID Boot Camp Stages 1 & 3.

  • On the next screen tap the ‘ATTACK FREE’ button to begin your RAID.

  • The following screen will display Boot Camp Stage 1 Island and its two LZs (Landing Zones). Choose LZ2 by Tapping on the Pier with the Number 2 painted on it.

  • Now Tap on the ‘ATTACK’ button to begin your attack on Pier 2 of Boot Camp Island Stage 1.


Now you've learned how to change LZ, you'll be asking yourself “Why do I need to change LZ?”.

Some LZs will reward you with more than others, so it’s always best to choose the LZ that:

  1. You're confident you'll defeat
  2. Will, most importantly, reward you with the most loot

To make sure that you choose the best LZ to attack, follow these steps.

  • From the ‘MAP’ screen tap on Boot Camp Island again, if you've unlocked Stage 3 tap the ‘Attack FREE’ button and you'll head to the Island to choose your LZ.

  • As you can see Boot Camp Stage 3 has 3 LZs, so how do you know which LZ is best to attack? There are two methods to help you decide which LZ to attack, you can use one or both, it's your choice.

Method 1

  • Tap on the Up Arrow at the bottom-middle of the screen.

  • This will bring up the LZ Rewards Menu, here you can easily see which LZ will reward you with the most loot. You’ll notice here that LZ3 will reward 1,000 Gold, while the other LZs will reward 300 & 350 Gold, easy choice really.

Method 2

So by using Method 1 we've determined that LZ3 will give us the most Loot, but there’s more to consider than just how much Loot you’ll RAID. You'll also need to be sure that your Squad Members are going to be tough enough to take down LZ3, this is where Pegs come in handy.

To use Pegs, follow these steps:

  • When viewing an Island you’re about to RAID, before you attack it’s always smart to check the defensive strength of the Island beforehand. For this we use Pegs, these display the color and level of all of the currently selected LZ’s defences.
  • To activate Pegs tap on the Peg ‘+’ (Plus) button.

  • You’ll notice that the LZ now has Pegs displaying the Color and Level of each stage shown above them.


  • Using a combination of the LZ Rewards Menu and Pegs we can easily see that LZ3 will reward the most Loot (1,000 Gold), and is also no harder to attack than the other LZs (All Level 1 Defences). So get ready to RAID and tap the ‘ATTACK’ button.