How do I upgrade my HQ?

Each time you upgrade your HQ you'll unlock new defences and resource buildings to defend your HQ. Upgrading your HQ may also increase the maximum amount of an already unlocked building type you can place on your Island.

  • Tap on your HQ to bring up the HQ’s options menu, then tap on the ‘Upgrade’ button.

  • The upgrade menu displays which new buildings will be unlocked, as well as the Damage Per Second boost your HQ will gain from the upgrade.

  • As with other upgrades you'll have to option to complete the upgrade instantly using Gems by tapping on the green ‘Instant’ button. The cost in Gems is displayed to the left of the button.

  • The blue ‘Upgrade’ button shows how long the upgrade will take and the cost in Gold, in this example 10m (10 Minutes) and 6,000 Gold.

  • After tapping the blue ‘Upgrade’ button you’ll be returned to the ‘HOME’ screen, you’ll now notice that a timer has appeared on your HQ and is counting down until the upgrade completes.
  • If not already selected, tap on your HQ to display the HQ's upgrade options menu.
  • You'll now have the option to reduce the upgrade time by tapping on the ‘Movie’ button, or you can finish the upgrade instantly by tapping on the ‘Gems’ button.