How do I add new Squad Members to my team?

Sometimes you’ll want to swap out a Squad Member to suit attacking a particular island, or maybe you’ve just received a new Squad Member and you want to add them to your Squad.

  • To add a Squad Member to you team, from the ‘Home’ screen tap the ‘Squad’ button.

  • At the top of the Squad selection screen are the four Squad Member slots, this is where the current members of your Squad are displayed. Below your Squad are all of the Squad Members you have available that can be exchanged for any of your current Squad Members.

  • To swap out Squad Members simply drag & drop the Squad Member onto any of the four Squad slots. If there’s already a Squad Member occupying the slot, they’ll then be added to your available Squad Members list for future use.


  • Remember you can swap Squad Members as many time as you like, always make sure you have the best Squad Members for each RAID.