Where can I purchase Gems?

You can purchase Gems at any time from the Gem Store, these can be used to instantly complete Builds or Promotions, Purchase Squad Card packs, purchase XP Boosts or top-up any missing resources you might need, as well as many other uses.

  • From the ‘Home’ screen tap on the green ‘+’ (Plus) button to the left of your Gem total, this will take you to the Gem Store where you can view or purchase any of the six Gem Packs.


  • Slide the Gem Store across the screen to view all Gem Packs available for purchase. Also displayed is the amount of Gems you'll receive within each Gem Pack, as well as its cost.

  • On iOS devices, if you've disabled in-app purchases on your device first you’ll need to re-enable them before you can purchase any Gem Packs (This Includes any FREE Gem Packs). To do this, at the device Home Screen, go to Settings > General > Restrictions.
  • You can learn more about iOS in-app purchase restrictions via Apple Support HERE