How do Chat Mutes work?

Sometimes you'll want to mute another player so that you no longer see any of their chat messages. This could be because the player is spamming Global Chat, or simply because you don't speak the player's language and don't understand what they are saying.

Once you've muted a player, if you then decide that you'd like to see chat messages from the player again, we'll also show you how to unmute a player.

To Mute a player, follow these steps:

  • In Global Chat, first tap on the player's options icon next to the player's name.

  • When the options menu appears tap on the 'Mute' button.

  • A warning message will appear advising you that you'll no longer see any messages from this player and tells you how to remove the Chat Mute via Settings. Tap the 'Mute' button once again.


  • You should now no longer see any Chat Messages from this player.


To Unmute a player, follow these steps

  • From your 'Home' screen tap on the 'Profile' button to the top left of the screen.

  • If not already there, tap on the 'Settings' tab.
  • From the 'Settings' menu tap the 'Edit' button next to Chat Mutes.

  • On the next screen you'll see a list of all the players you currently have muted, or have previously unmuted.
  • If a player has a green 'Tick' next to their name then they are currently muted, if they have a red 'Cross' next to their name then you have unmuted this player.
  • Tap on the green 'Tick' to unmute the player.

  • The green 'Tick' will now change to a red 'Cross' to show that you have now unmuted the player. Now tap the 'Update' button to confirm the change.

  • You should now start to see Chat Messages from this player again.