Leagues & Legend Points

 RAID HQ Leagues & Legend Points

We wanted to remind everyone of what happens when each RAID HQ league season comes to an end, as well as explain how Legend Points work in more detail.

At the end of each Trophy league Season, every player that has ended the season with more than 5,000 trophies will be rewarded with 1 Legend Point for every trophy they have gained over 5,000. This means that if a player has 5,500 trophies at the end of a season, then 500 of their 5,500 trophies will be converted into Legend Points and that player will then be added to the Legend Points Leaderboard with 500 Legend Points.

After a player’s trophies have been converted to Legend Points, all players with more than 5,000 trophies will then drop from their current trophy count down to 5,000 trophies to start the next Trophy League Season. This is for two reasons:

1. These trophies have now become Legend Points and they've now been added to your total on the Legends Leaderboard.

2. To allow the Trophy League to be as competitive as possible for all players, every season, no matter how long they've been playing RAID HQ, or how quickly they've progressed.

Veteran players will still be able to compete on the Legends Leaderboard by finishing each Trophy League Season with as many Legend Points as possible, and as each season passes they'll become even more Legendary! 

This also means that at the start of each new Trophy League Season, no one player will have a huge advantage: the new title is up for grabs, and anyone can win!

How will you do in the latest RAID HQ PVP season?