How Clan Trophy Counts Are Calculated

We have received requests from players asking for us to clarify how the clan trophy counts are calculated i.e. How much of each player's total trophies are used to calculate the clan's total trophy count.

The below table displays how much each member of the clan contributes dependent on their rank within the clan.

Clan Rank Percentage of trophies contributed
1st - 10th 50%
11th - 20th 25%
21st - 40th 12%
41st - 50th 3%


There are a few reasons that we use these percentages from each player, these being:

  • It ensures clans that have less than 50 members can still compete with larger clans.
  • It encourages clans to attract the best players to their clan and improve their top 10.
  • It makes sure that clan leaderboards stay competitive and prevents super clans from getting too far ahead.
  • It lessens the effect of single players leaving a clan, or even trying to sabotage a clan by leaving at the very end of a season.

We hope this makes the Clan Trophy Counts a little clearer and easier to understand.

The RAID HQ Team